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As coaches, consultants and facilitators, we come from a powerful set of generative principles which are rooted in XToB™ - The Extraordinary Technology of Being™. We have learned that the effectiveness of a working community is a reflection of who they are being, both as individuals and collectively.

Our principles have the power to transform and re-shape organizational culture as well as to empower individuals to make a difference.

Generative Principles include:
1. The Power of Personal Responsibility
2. Holistic Co-Creation
3. Causing the Future - NOW
4. Discontinuous Events (Breakthroughs)

Methods we use include:

  • Interactive dialogue
  • Awareness training exercises
  • Dyadic inquiry
  • Principles of Creative Coaching™
  • Coherent Catalytic Actions (to begin the implementation of new practices from key insights)

All our methods are aimed at allowing participants to reveal their own natural inspiration and creativity; and to identify how they will practically bring that new power to bear in their work.

Our methods are tools for powerful and profound innovation. They're for shaping the way we constitute ourselves and our workplace - the way we are being at work.


Common outcomes include:

  • A vision of power and possibility.
  • People in your organization taking responsiblity for the fulfillment of the vision.
  • A work environment where fun, joy and play occur naturally.
  • Associates that are inspired by each other's greatness.
  • Teams that inspire creativity, empowerment and ourstanding performance.
  • An organization renowned for customer service.
  • Unprecedented results.

Outcomes from this approach are often staggering!

"bizFutures' "Creating a Vital Workplace" introduced powerful, creative principles and provided an approach that allowed the management team to empower their crew. After the course the number of injuries was reduced by 68 percent and the crew achieved a record 218 days without a disruption in production, which is unheard of in the oil industry. The previous record was 75 days."
Norman Loyd, Integrated Services Team Leader, Shell Oil

"In six months we increased sales by 15 percent, were named to the Top Ten Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania, and restructured the management of our company with no turnover. Work is once again a great place to be — full of people who are productive, smiling, and part of a larger purpose."
Joanne Ladley, Kitchen Kettle Village

Coming Events Contact Us Flying Fish Our Clients Vision About bizFUTURES Home
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